Wealth Plus

Wealth Plus enables clients to get up to 4x Equity Delivery leverage in the NSE and BSE cash market segments.

Brokerage Plans

Wealth Plus is being offered with EZ-Assist and EZ-Flat Plan.

Risk Square-off

Your positions may be squared-off from our side if 50% of your margin gets eroded due to MTM loss.

Trading Platform

Available for Desktop, Mobile and all the main Browsers.

Higher exposure

You can buy delivery up to 4 times of your cash balance.

Minimise your losses

We act as a stop-loss to reduce your losses in case the market moves against your expectations.


Currently available for NSE Cash.

Pricing Yearly charge of Rs.1000 only to avail this. Read more about our pricing plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the delayed payment charges?

The delayed payment fees will be applicable at 18% per annum on the total ledger debit. If there is no ledger debit at the end of the day, no interest will be charged.

Is there any minimum balance and maximum Limit to avail Wealth Plus?

Yes, your ledger balance must be a minimum of Rs.20,000. The maximum available funding per client has limited to 25 lacs. Wealth Plus is all about leverage and leverage is a double edged sword, amplifying profits & losses to the same degree, resulting in huge losses if the market moves against expectations. By putting these limits, our intention is to protect our clients from any unintentional risk.

Did the demat account need for Wealth Plus?

To avail Wealth Plus funding facility for your account, you should have an online demat account EZ Wealth.

What is the maximum number of days a position can be open?

Positions can be kept open subject to the quarterly settlement requirements as per the SEBI guidelines i.e. the account needs to be settled once in a quarter.

Is it possible to place the order on any product type?

The order will have to be placed with the product type NRML and squared off as NRML as well. Shares bought with product type MIS or CNC can be converted into NRML on the same day itself and vice versa. However, if you have a carry forward position in NRML which you desire to convert into CNC, then you will have to first square-off the existing position with product code NRML. Then you will have to take a fresh position in CNC.

Interested in Wealth Plus?

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