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1.What Kind Of Trading Platforms Does Ez Wealth Offer ?

We provide our customers with intelligible alternatives to online trading wherever they go. Tracking your investments with the help of smart, reliable, user friendly and strong software across all major operating system and web interfaces gives you an edge over others.

We offer free desktop, web and mobile versions of our trading software.

EZ Trader

EZ Trader is our flagship state of the art desktop trading software.


Key features

  1. Fully customised trading applications – default screen with user friendly colours and customised trading analysis window for faster market information.
  2. Market watch – availability of multiple indices, single button futures and options scrip listing, no restrictions on number of script, real time updates.
  3. Ultra-fast real time charting for investors to professionals -Real time historical and intraday charts with multiple advanced charting tools, real time six chart with advanced analysis, 7 day intraday charts, intraday, tick-by-tick, 1 min,5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly charts.
  4. Inbuilt option strategies- easy real time return calculations using option calculator.
  5. Bulk trade watch- monitor, scan and view multiple scripts, tick by tick, user defined bulk trades across the exchanges and segments.
  6. Customised orders and price alerts
  7. Placing of After Market Orders(AMO)
  8. Secured online fund transfer.


Ez WEB is a browser based trading interface. It is safe, secure, and reliable and one of the best online trading platform which will give you maximum trading convenience and real time access to market data.


Key features

  1. Fully secured and reliable trading gateway with security check at each level.
  2. Real time market quotes and online reports.
  3. Multi segment trading
  4. Create multiple market watch based on asset class, product and industry type.
  5. Payment gateway with lending banks.
  6. Sms and email alerts
  7. Key Advantages
  8. Easily accessible.
  9. No installation and maintenances
  10. Seamless integration with websites
  11. Easier updates
  12. Easier bugs fixing


Why to chain yourself with PC? Now you can trade by using your smart phones.
In this era of technology, we aren’t binding our users with bulky laptops. Your phones could also take care of your trading requirements. With such a strong presence on App store, play store, windows and blackberry; you don’t even need to worry about which phone to use. Just download the app, sign in and enter the whole new world of possibilities.

Key Advantages

  1. Easily accessible
  2. Handy
  3. Can be regularly updated

2.Does Ez Wealth Offer Algo-trading?

We provide semi-automated algo-trading to our clients through Ami-Broker trading plugin. For enabling this, Ez Wealth has entered into an exclusive partnership with Global Financial Datafeeds LLP (GDFL) to facilitate the Amibroker Trading Plugin for its client across India. The first step is to enable the Plus API plugin in Ez-Trader.

Things which can be done through Ez Trader

  1. Automate trading- It facilitates automated trading by connecting the amibroker with Ez-Trader.
  2. Backtesting – It enables portfolio- level backtesting of strategies.
  3. Multi-symbol, multi-strategy and multi-chart trading- all these are supported by Ez Trader.
  4. Enables line pair trading (LPT) – It allows traders to enter and exit positions based on positions of 2 user- drawn lines (buy and sell) in the charts.
  5. Enables trailing stop losses and target based exits as well as manual trading.

What are the requirements to start Algo-trading at EZ WEALTH?


  1. EZ Trade- You need the EXE version of our trading platform. The same is available to all our customers FREE. In case you are not an existing customer, you need to open an account.
  2. Amibroker license- You need one of the following Amibroker- Amibroker Standard, Professional or Ultimate Pack Pro Editions.
  3. Any Real Time Data Package from Global Data Feeds (GDFL)- GDFL offers special discount for all Ez Wealth customers with 40% DISCOUNT on all its data product. The special price works out to as little as Rs. 33/day. You just need to mention that you are a wealth customer at time of subscription.
  4. A Trading Plugin- provided free of cost by GDFL as a value added inclusion to data package.
  5. An active NEST Plus Trading Subscription- You can activate NEST plus by raising a ticket on the WEALTH support helpdesk. The cost for the NEST for the NEST Plus Subscription is as under.

What is the pricing to enable Algo-trading?

For Algo-trading PLUS API needs to be enabled in EZ-Trader


Monthly subscription-Rs.299 Quarterly subscription-Rs. 716

Semi Annual subscription-Rs.1313 Annual subscription-Rs. 2150

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