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1.I have opened a trading account with Ez Wealth and received my login ID and Password. How do I get started?

To get started with your EXE based trading application, you have to first download and install the trading software.

2.What is an Exchange Segment? In which segments can I place an order?

Ez Wealth customers can trade online in BSE Equity, NSE’s Equity, Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives Segments. Ez Wealth online trading platform provides a single interface access to all the above market segments. However, a user can place orders only in those segments indicated by you at the time of opening your account.

3.How Do I Place An Order?

Before you place an order, you have to create a Market Watch. You can setup and track multiple securities for their latest market prices and volumes in your Market Watch. When accessing your account for the first time, the system will prompt you that no Market Watch is selected and setup. To setup your Market Watch: To place an order, select the desired security in the market watch, press the function key F1 (for BUY Order) or F2 (for SELL Order). Enter the required order details such as Product Type, Quantity and Price and click Submit. Enter your transaction password at the system prompt and click Submit to confirm and place your order. You will see messages in the Message Window below confirming a system order number and once confirmed by the Exchange, an Exchange Order No.

4.Now That I Have Placed An Order, How Can I View And Track My Orders?

You can view orders in the Order Book window, by invoking the Function Key F3. Alternatively, open Order Book from Orders and Trades > Order Book Menu in the Menu Bar. The Order Book window is split into two distinct sections, the 1st section displays the ‘Open Orders’ and the 2nd section displays ‘Completed’ orders. Open Orders are orders pending execution at the Exchange while Completed Orders are those that are either executed or rejected. The order window displays several important information about your orders e.g. Exchange Order No., Confirmation Time, Order Status, Order Price, Total Quantity etc. Tip-Personalize the Column Profile in your Order Book using the menu options displayed on right-click

5.Can I Modify An Order After Receiving An Order Confirmation Message?

Yes, you can modify open orders from the Order Book. To modify an order, select the order under ‘Open Orders’ and click the ‘Modify’ button. In the Modify Order window, change the price or quantity as desired and click ‘Submit’.

6.Can I Cancel An Order After Receiving An Order Confirmation Message?

Yes, you can do so, provided the order is still in open status i.e. unexecuted at the Exchange. To cancel an order, select the order and click the ‘Cancel’ button.

7.How Are My Limits Affected Once I Have Transferred Funds?

Your limits are enhanced instantly on successful transfer of funds to your trading account. The amount transferred is reflected in the Pay-in Amount column in Surveillance > RMS Limits > View Limits Menu path.

8.How Do I Verify The Limits Available In My Trading Account?

The summary of your ‘utilized’ and ‘available’ limits is provided in ‘My Limits’ Report. From the Web Links Menu select My Limits to view your report. The report is split into 2 sections-the 1st section provides the available credits or limits in your trading account under various sub-heads, while the 2nd section provides the margins blocked or debits in your trading account under various sub-heads. My Limits Report is provided segment wise-Equity Segments as one group (comprising Equity, Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives) and Commodity Segment as another group.

9.What Are Different Type Of Trading Orders Limit

Limit order allows you to set buy/sell limits on a contract or an order. This effectively means that you can buy or sell a particular stock if it reaches the desired level. This strategy helps in maximizing profits and minimizing risks, even when you are not tracking your holdings during the market hours


This option allows you to trade by placing orders during market hours. You can hence buy/sell at the best obtainable price in the market at the time of execution.

Stop Loss

An order placed with a broker to sell a security when it reaches a certain price. A stop-loss order is designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position in a security. A stop-loss order takes the emotion out of trading decisions and can be especially handy when one is on vacation or cannot watch his/her position. However, execution is not guaranteed, particularly in situations where trading in the stock is halted or gaps down (or up) in price. Also known as a “stop order” or “stop-market order.”

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