1.Why Trade In Commodities?

One of the major advantages of future trading is that you can earn money without actually physically storing commodities. On the exchange, commodities are traded as future contracts. One of the major advantages of future trading is that you can earn money without actually physically storing (or buying and selling) commodities. Besides, the trading cost too is substantially low. Traders participate in commodities trading mainly because:

  1. They do not need to pay the entire transaction amount for trading; only the margin amount is required
  2. They can earn from short selling
  3. Some of the other benefits of trading in commodities are
  4. The commodities listed on this market mainly include metals, energy and agricultural products. This diversity provides opportunities for investors, hedgers, traders, manufacturers, arbitragers, importers and exporters to earn money.
  5. The prices of commodities changes purely on demand and supply. This makes it really easy to understand the movements and exploit opportunities.
  6. Commodities are traded all over the world. Putting your money in this kind of investment helps you diversify your portfolio
  7. Unlike the Indian stock market, the Indian commodity market is open for 14 hours a day, covering timings of major commodity exchanges around the globe and giving you ample time to trade.
  8. The fluctuation in the prices of commodities is caused by
  9. Demand and supply
  10. Currency movements
  11. Crop sowing aspects
  12. Economic forces
  13. Weather
  14. Crop arrival factors

2.Which Commodities Can I Invest In?

Agricultural Commodities
  1. Plantation Products
  2. Rubber
  3. Spices
  4. Red Chilli
  5. Jeera
  6. Turmeric
  7. Cardamom
  8. Coriander
  9. Cereals
  10. Wheat
  11. Barley
  12. Maize
  13. Oil and Oil Seeds
  14. Castor Seeds
  15. Cotton Seed Oilcake
  16. Soy Seeds
  17. Mustard Seeds
  18. Soya Been
  19. Crude Palm Oil
  20. Kapasia Khalli
  21. Refined Soya Oil
  22. Others
  23. Guar Seed
  24. Gur
  25. Sugar
  26. Sugar M
  27. Guargum
  28. Mentha Oil
  29. Potato (Agra)
  30. Potato (Tarkeshwar)
  31. Almond
Non-Agricultural Commodities
  1. Metals
  2. Aluminum
  3. Aluminum Mini
  4. Copper
  5. Copper Mini
  6. Iron Ore
  7. Lead
  8. Lead Mini
  9. Mild Steel Ingot
  10. Billets
  11. Nickel
  12. Tin
  13. Zinc
  14. Zinc Mini
  15. Precious Metals (Bullions)
  16. Gold
  17. Gold Guinea
  18. Gold M
  19. Gold Petal
  20. Gold Petal (New Delhi)
  21. Platinum
  22. Silver
  23. Silver M and Silver Micro
  24. Energy
  25. Crude Oil
  26. Natural Gas
  27. Thermal Coal
  28. Gasoline
  29. Heating Oil
  30. Brent Crude Oil
  31. Electricity Monthly and Weekly
  32. ATF
  33. Weather
  34. Carbon (CER)
  35. Carbon (CFI)
  36. Others
  37. Polyvinyl Chloride
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